Archibald Johnson Scroggins, Sr. was born in South Carolina in approx. 1815. He 1st married Elizabeth Wallace on October 9, 1845 in Pike County, Missouri. There were no children from this marriage as he later married her sister Sarah Angeline Wallace on April 1, 1849. This union produced 10 surviving children. Archibald Scroggins Sr. passed away on January 9, 1873 in Pike County, Missouri, burrial place is unknown, and his wife Sarah passed away on September 6, 1915 in Pike County, Missouri and is burried in the Taylor Chapel Cemetery.

Archibald Scroggins, Sr. was the son of William Scroggins/Scoggin (B. 03 Feb 1780 in VA; D. ??????) who married Martha "Patcey" Rice (B. 25 JAN 1873 in NC or VA; D. 05 OCT 1856 in York County, SC) on 20 JUN 1804 in Caswell County, NC. Other children of William and Martha "Patcey" include: Lorenzo Dow Scroggins/Scoggin, Nathaniel Scroggins/Scoggin, Mary Ann Scroggins/Scoggin, William Scroggins/Scoggin, James Scroggins/Scoggin, Lawson David Scroggins, Scoggins, Martha Rice (James), and other unknowns.

Archibald, Nathaniel, Lorenzo and William left SC in the 1830's and went to Pike County, MO. Lawson went to TX, and Martha went to AK. The father William either passed away before 1830 or either went with his one of his children and seperated from his wife due to the fact Martha "Patcey" remarried a Thomas Whitesides about 1830 or later and stayed in SC.

The Decendents of Archibald and Sarah Scroggins

I. James Nathaniel Scoggins (B. 13 MAR 1852 in Pike County, MO; D. 27 OCT 1911 in Pike County, MO and burried in Taylor Chapel Cemetery). James was an invalid and never married nor had children.

II. William Riley Scroggins (B. MAY 1854 in Pike County, MO; D. ?????). Little is known about William, but in a 1927 obit is listed as living in Monroe City, MO.

III. Margaret Ellen Williams (B. 1856 in Pike County, MO; D. October 1946 in Pike Co., MO and is burried in Taylor Chapel Cemetry.) She married Marion "Bunk" Williams (B. Jan 1855; D. Jan 1938 in Pike Co., MO and is burried in Taylor Chapel Cemetery). Their union produced 8 surviving children.

i. Bill Williams (B. 11 AUG 1890 in Saltriver, Pike Co., MO; D. May 1941 in Pike Co., MO and is burried Grassy Creek Cemetery. In approx 1919 Bill married Lelia Ince (B. 26 APR 1894; D. APR 1974 in Pike County, MO and is burried in Grassy Creek Cemetery). They had 2 children William Edgar Williams and Willina June Williams.

ii. Robert Williams (B. ? D. ?) married 1st to Bessie ???? and had 1 child Betty Elliot, and later married a Maude Ince, but had no children.

iii. Laura Williams who married Edward Caldwell and had 3 children; Josephine, Roseann and Charles.

iv. George Marion Williams(B. 12 JAN ????; D. 27 FEB 1964 in Pike Co., MO and is burried in Fairview Cemetery) married to 31 DEC ???? to Myrtle Colvin(B. 26 JAN ???? D. 9 DEC 1964 in Pike Co., MO and is burried in Fairview Cemetery). They had 3 children; Helen, Georgia and Virgil.

v. Nettie Williams(B. ???? D. ???/) was married to Cecil Love. They had one daughter Ella Mae Goodin.

vi. Sally Williams(B. 11 AUG 1891 in Pike County, MO; D. 18 JUN 1971 in Jackson County, MO) who on 17 APR 1914 in Pike County, MO married a Bevie "Beb" Griffi(B. 05 NOV 1892 in Ralls County, MO; D. 11 APR 1947 in Marion County, MO). They had four children; Leonard (1918-1980), Margaret (Hatton) (1916), Elmer (1925-1992), and Bennett Clark (1933-1981) and Marshall (1931-1931).

vii. Julia Williams(B. ???? D. 1949/50) married a Bill Jenecke. There were no children.

viii. Mary Williams (B. ???? D. ?????) married Lee Colvin

IV. Martha "Mattie" Scroggins (B. abt. 1857 in Pike County, MO; D. ???? in Waurika, OK and is burried in Taylor, TX) who married Justice Phinn. Current work is in progress on the decendentry of these 2.

V. Robert Wallace Scroggins (B. abt 1859 in Pike County, MO; D. 22 SEP 1897 in Pike County, MO, burried in Taylor Chapel Cemetery). Robert went by his middle name Wallace and was married to unknown ad had a daughter Goldie Mae Scroggins.

VI. Archibald Johnson Scroggins, Jr. (B. abt. 1861 in Pike County, MO, D. 04 FEB 1907 in Pike County, MO, burried in Taylor Chapel Cemetery - he was actually a resident of St. Louis, MO at time of death, but came to mothers house while ill). Archibald married Mary Adelaide Stout on 30 MAY 1889 in Pike County, MO. Their marriage resulted in 5 and possibly 6 children.

Their children included: 1. William "Hap" Scoggins, Sr. (B. 21 JUL 1891 in Pike County, MO; D. 22 FEB 1936 in St. Louis, MO, burried in New St. Marcus Cemetery). William was married to Mary Alice Yarbrough and had 6 children (Lillian (1919-1921), Dorothy (1930-1932), Stanley (1927-1991), William Jr. (1920-1998), Julius (1922 - 1976??) and Ester (1923).

2. Frank Clarence Scoggins Bernadine Meis and had 6 children (Grace (1917-1917), Alfred (1919-1921), Dorothy (1925), Shirley (1928), Joann (1931) and Frank (1935)), They also had 1 adopted child Helen (1917).

3. Ruth Belle Scoggins (B. 06 DEC 1897? in Alton, Madison County, IL, D. 06 JUL 1967 in Rolla, MO, burried in Ozark Memorial Cemetery). Ruth married a George Clarence Linden and had 8 children (George Jr. (1915), Helen (1913-1986), Irene (1923), Charles (1921-1985), Walter (1925), Ruth (1929), Betty (1931) and Mary (1934).

4. Mary Elizabeth Scoggins (B. 14 FEB 1902 in St. Louis, MO, D. 28 AUG 1983 in St. Louis, MO, Burried at Jefferson Barraks Memorial Cemetery). Mary married 1st Victor Hollows and resided in Pike County, MO and had one son Frank Hallows (D. 1951 in Pike County, MO then divorced Frank in Pike County, MO and remarried to Robert Schindler moved back to St. Louis, MO and had no children with him.

5. George Lennard Scoggins (B. 01 MAR 1905 in St. Louis, MO; D. 08 JUN 1974 in St. Louis, MO, burried in Mt. Hope Cemetery). George had 3 marriages, 1st to a Marie Reeves and had no children, then married Louis Rachel Irene Coonley and had 3 children (Bernice Irene (1927-1998), Betty (1933), and Leonard George (1938-1949)), after divorcing Louis he again married to Oletha ???? and had no more children.

After Archibald Jr., died in 1907 Mary remarried to a John Linden in 1909, then again in 1917 to a Willaim Vaughn. Her next child was born after Archibald went bak ill to Pike County, MO and during the time Mary was found residing with John Linden on the St. Louis City Directories. Thus, leaving who the actual father was a guess, being named John and also never appearing in his mother's or siblings obituaries.

6. John Scoggins (B. abt. 1907/08 in St. Louis, MO, D. ?????). He possibly died in Sullivan, MO in DEC 1982 from info. on the SSI Death Index, but this needs to be verified.

VII. Edmund/Edward Scoggins (B. 06 APR 1864 in Pike County, MO; D. 30 MAY 1925 in Pike County, MO, burried at Taylor Chapel Cemetery). Edmund was never married nor had any children. He died in what was called the "Ashburn Shooting" in Ashburn, MO and was shot by Hilliard Early.

VIII. Sarah Scroggins (B. 20 JAN 1867 in Pike County, MO; D. 31 DEC 1913 in Pike County, MO, burried in Taylor Chapel Cemetery) Sarah was never married nor had children. On new years eve she took a bath, dressed up in her Sunday clothes then drank Carbolic Acid, thus ending her own life.

IX. Charles Marion "Buddy" Scoggins B. (13 MAR 1868 in Pike County, MO; D. 27 AUG 1925 in Pike County, MO, burried in Taylor Chapel Cemetery. Charles never married or had children.

X. Mary Ann Scroggins (B. abt. 1863 in Pike County, MO; D. ???). All that is known is that Mary Ann married a William P. Burks/Burkes.

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