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SNOOK Family Page

Not much is known about the SNOOK family line.

On the 1880 Census for St. Louis, MO we have a Louisa Young listed as the head of the household (B. approx. 1853 in IN and her father listed as born in PA and mother IN). Louisa is listed as having 2 children as follows:

1. WALTER SNOOK (B. approx. 1872 in MO, and father born in IA).

2. MINNIE SNOOK (B. 12 SEP 1893 in St. Louis, MO; D. 05 OCT 1953 in Phelps County, CO, burried in Flatgrove Cemetery).

Also in the St. Louis, MO Court Records, there is a listing for the divorce of ISAAC JEFFERSON SNOOK and LOUISA SNOOK on 13 FEB 1880, and mentioned two little SNOOKS, as children. So in conclusion, ISAAC JEFFERSON SNOOK would be the father of Walter and Minnie SNOOK.

MINNIE SNOOK married TILTON COCKRELL(B. 1869 in IL; D. 31 AUG 1913 in Phelps County, MO and is burried in Flatgrove Cemetery. Further info. can be found on the COCKRELL page.

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