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This page is dedicated to the decendents and further ancestors of EMIL ALOYSIUS SELTER who was born approx. September of 1857 in Germany and married CATHERINE A. ARNS who was born approx. November of 1859 in Germany. Their 1st child EMIL SELTER JR. was born in Germany approx. July of 1890. The family then immigrated to America approx. 1892 after EMIL SR's father FERDINAND SELTER SR. passed away and his 1st son FERDINAND SELTER JR. took over the estate. This son was from a 1st marriage of FERDINAND SR. EMIL SR's mother (ANNA CATHERINE ?????) also came to America at the same time. EMIL SR. and CATHERINE had 3 more children in St. Louis, Missouri of which 2 suvived. EMIL SELTER SR. was taken from life on September 7, 1908 and burried in Calvary Cemetery (Section 20, Lot 1071, Grave 1) in St. Louis City, Missouri. CATHERINE hung on until November 17, 1932 then passed away herself and was burried along his side. EMIL SR's mother ANNA passed away on December 31, 1905 and was burried in Calvary Cemetery (Section 12 Lot 894 Grave 3) in St. Louis City, Missouri. EMIL SR. also had a brother JOHN SELTER who came to St. Louis and passed away November 20, 1919 with no children, and just a spouse LOUISE MINDERLE and EMIL SR. had one sister ELIZABETH who married a JOSEPH LUBELEY n Germany and immigrated before her mother and brothers in the 1870's via a ship named the Nekar into the Port of New Orleans. ELIZABETH LUBELEY passed away August 9, 1931 and is burried with her mother ANNA and her husband JOSEPH in Calvary Cemetery.

The Children of Emil Sr. and Catherine Selter ...

This will be dedicated to the children of Emil Sr. and Catherine SELTER.

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