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This page is dedicated to the ancestors and decendents of HEINRICH SCHNELT who was born on 29 NOV 1829 in Prussia and died 29 MAR 1897 in St. Louis, MO. He was burried in Saints Peter & Paul Cemetery (Section 7G Lot 4) in St. Louis.

On 08 MAY 1860 he married a MARY DETTERMAN who was born approx. 1834 in Prussia and died in 1897 and is burried next to her husband.

Together Heinrich and Mary had 7 children all born in St. Louis, MO. as follows:

1. Mary SCHNELT born approx 1864 in St. Louis, MO and possibly died in 1897 under the name ECKERT.

2. Rose SCHNELT born approx. 1866.

3. Anna SCHNELT born approx. 1869.

4. Heinrich SCHNELT born approx. 1871

5. John SCHNELT born 08 AUG 1873/74 and died under the name SNELL on 21 FEB 1932. He married approx. 1895 to a Lillian Elizabeth MUELLER or LUDWIG (rumored that she was adopted) who was born 15 MAR 1875 in St. Louis, MO and died 15 NOV 1934 in St. Louis and is burried in Resurection Cemetery (Section 15A Lot 304). Together they had 4 children all born in St. Louis; Oscar SCHNELT (AUG 1895 to SEP 1961), Estelle Clara SCHNELT (17 SEP 1897 to 20 JAN 1980), Clarence SCHNELT (MAR 1900 to ???? disappeared due to brothers mobster activity), and Arthur SCHNELT (??? to 08 NOV 1974) (aka. Pretty Boy Schnelt - St. Louis Gangster)

6. Herman SCHNELT born approx. 1877.

7. Anton SCHNELT born July of 1880 and died 25 JAN 1883.

The Decendants of John Schnelt/Snell and Lillian Ludwig/Mueller

This section will soon contain info. on their decendants...

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