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The Perrot Family saga begins in Belfort France on September 8th, 1822 when XAVIER PERROT was born. Xavier met his wife MARGARET ALMA (B. 04 AUG 1828 in France; D. 11 DEC 1919 in Phelps County, MO and burried in Flatgrove Cemetery. Xavier and Margaret were married around 1847 in France then in 1848 came to America where they resided somewhere in Illinois where they had 7 children, 5 of which survived. They then moved to Phelps County, MO about 1870 where they lived the rest of their lives. Xavier then passed away on March 7, 1915 and was burried in Flat Grove Cemetery.

Xavier and Margaret's Surviving Children were:

I. FRANK PERROT(B. 1857 in IL ; D. unknown) married on 01 NOV 1889 in Phelps County, MO to his 2nd Wife BERTHA M. CLARK (B. 1869 in MO ; D. unknown). I am uncertain of how many children FRANK had with his first wife then second, so all to my knowledge are listed here assuming all born prior to 1889 are from his 1st wife which is unknown to me.

1. Frank M. Perrot Jr.(B. approx. 1882 in MO ; D. unknown). Frank Jr. was married to a Mary C. ???? about 1905 in Phelps County, MO. Frank Jr. and Mary had the following children:

i. Agnes I. Perrot (B. 1906 in MO)

ii. Mildred A. Perrot (B. 1909 in MO)

iii. Geneva M. Perrot (B. 1914 in MO)

iv. Alice M. Perrot (B. 1918 in MO)

2. Katie M. Perrot (B. aprox. 1892 in MO ; D. unknown).

3. Emile H. Perrot (B. approx. 1895 in MO ;D. unknown).

4. Albert X. Perrot (B. 1896 in MO ; D. unknown)

5. Levada P. Perrot (B. 1898 in MO ; D. unknown)

6. Maggie M. Perrot (B. 1890 in MO ; D. unknown)

7. Arlena Perrot (B. 1904 in MO ; D. unknown)

II. MARY PERROT (B. 16 APR 1859 in IL ; D. 27 JUL 1934 in Phelps County, MO). Mary was 1st married on 15 SEP 1889 to Edward Kelley (B. JUN 1868 in Decatur (Van Buren County), MI ; D. unknown). They had 1 child:

1. John Andrew Kelley (B. JAN 1890 in Pheps County, MO ; D. 27 MAY 1964 in Phelps County, MO). John married a Daisy Cockerell and more info. on the decendents can be found on the Cockrell page HERE .

Mary then divorced Edward on 21 SEP 1906 in Phelps County, MO after Edward abandoned the family and it is rumored he went South to maybe Georgia. Mary later remarried to Frederick Vallon on 19 MAY 1908 in Phelps County, MO. Mary and Fred had no children.

III. EMILE PERROT (B. 16 JUN 1862 in IL ; D. 27 FEB 1920 in Phelps County, MO and is burried in Wishon Cemetery). Emile on 26 DEC 1886 in Phelps County, MO married Mary Julia Demotte (B. OCT 1876 in Switzerland ; D. 01 APR 1932 in Phelps County, MO and is burried in Wishon Cemetery). They had the following children:

1. Mayme Perrot (B. NOV 1887 in MO ; D. 03 SEP 1905 in Phelps County, MO and burried in Wishon Cemetery).

2. Alma B. Perrot (B. Nov 1893 in MO ; D. unknown).

3. Rosa Perrot (B. NOV 1897 in MO ; D. unknown).

4. Louis M. Perrot (B. 1901 in MO ; D. unknown).

5. Emmy L. Perrot (B. 1903 in MO ; D. unknown).

6. Pauline E. Perrot (B. 1905 in MO ; D. unknown).

7. Emile E. Perrot(B. 1908 in MO ; D. unknown).

IV. ORLEANA PERROT (B. unknown ; D. unknown). Orleana married on 10 AUG 1871 in Phelps County, MO to Francis Genthron.

V. ANNA J. PERROT (B. unknown ; D. uknown). Anna married on 23 FEB 1895 in Phelps County, MO to August A. DeLaloye


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