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GEORGE HAYS / HAYES was born between 1775-1782 (in North Carolina). In 1803 according to "Cox History Vol I" he married NANCY _______? (B: in NC) in Posey County, IN.

George Hayes also commited murder in 1820/21 (stabbed Henry Odell) and was indicted by a Grand Jury, then later freed. Then his wife Nancy was charged with adultry in 1824/25 with a William Alexander David. Soon after a divorce was issued in 1825, all occuring in Posey County, IN. In the May 1835 term, the following were listed as heirs in the Estate of George HAYES (Henry, Jesse, and Patsey HAYES, also listed were Betsey WADE and Anna HAYES BRYANT).

The Children of George and Nancy Hays / Hayes:

1. Anna Hayes/Hays (Born approx. 1810/11 in KY; D. unknown). Anna married GEORGE W. BRYANT (B. 1807 in TN; D. unknown). They were married 04 AUG 1831 in Vanderburgh County, IN. Anna and George had the following children:

i. Mary Bryant (B. 1831/32 in IN; D. unknown). She married a George Cavett on 28 SEP 1848 in Posey County, IN.

ii. Elizabeth Bryant (B. 1833 in IN; D. unk.)

iii. Henry Bryant (B. 1835 in IN; D. unk.) married a Millie Gates. They had at least 1 child named Anna Bruce who died of T.B. on 02 May 1895.

iv. Ann Bryant (B. 1837 in IN; D. unk.).

v. Diana Bryant (B. 1841 in IN; D. 26 MAY 1899 in Posey County,IN) married a Mr. Grigsby.

vi. George Bryant (B. 1845 in IN; D. unk.)

vii. Sarah J. Bryant (B. 1847 in IN; D. unk.)

viii. Phillip Bryant (B. 1849/50 in IN; D. unk.)

2. Henry Hayes (B. 1810-1815; D. 1844 in Posey County, IN.) married an unknown female before 1840. Jesse HAYES was listed as the administrator of Henry's estate in the February term of 1844 in Posey County. Henry also owned land in the Centre Township area of Posey County.

3. Elizabeth "Betsey" Hayes (B. 1810-1815; D. unk.) poss. married on 10 May 1832 in Posey County, IN to a Zachariah Wade, Jr.

4. Jesse Hayes (B. 1818/1819 in Blairsville, Posey County, IN; D. unk.) Jesse was 1st married on 02 APR 1837 in Posey County, IN to MAHALA CROSS (B. 1820 in IN; D. 1852-1856 in Posey County, IN). Jesse and his brother Henry were witnesses to the murder of Featherson Cross who was beaten to death by Benjamin Garris in 1840, and Mr. Cross was related to Jesse's wife Mahala. Also, Jesse and wife Mahala were listed as heirs of Ajax Campbell in 1851, and Jesse owned land in Wadesville, Posey County, IN. It also appears that between 1875 and 1880 at least this line (Jesse's) moved across the state line to Henderson County, KY where we find Jesse and family listed on the 1880 Henderson County, KY Census in Spottsville, Dist. 8, Household #124. Jesse is 62 yrs old and listed as a farmer.

JESSE and MAHALA had the following children:

i. Unknown Female (B. 1837-1840)

ii. Sarah J. Hayes (B. 1843 in IN; D. unk.)

iii. William Hayes (B. 1845 in IN; D. unk.) married on 29 DEC 1864 in Posey County, IN to Cynthia A. Sutton and had 2 children (James & Lewis). William owned a small sawmill in Wadesville, IN.

iv. James Hayes (B. 1847 in IN; D. unk.) married on 18 MAR 1866 in Posey County, IN to Sarina Jemima Russell and had at least one child (Cornelious).

v. Ira Hayes (B. 1849 in IN; D. unk.) married on 11 DEC 1875 in Posey County, IN to Josephine Sanders.

vi. Nancey E. Hayes (B. 1852 in IN; D. unk.)

Then on 11 Dec 1856 in Posey County, IN, Jesse married Elizabeth Williamson born in TN and parents from PA. (Elizabeth also brought 2 children from her pervious marriage to this family, they were: 1. Mary Williamson and 2. Andrew J. Williamson). They then had the following children:

i. Henry Hayes (B. 05 Feb. 1860 in Blairsville, Posey County, IN; D. 12 DEC 1916 in St. Louis, MO and is burried in the Old Methodist Episcipal Cemetery in Granite City, IL). Henry on 08 JAN 1887 in Henderson County, KY 1st married Annie Stamps the daughter of William Stamps, children from this marriage are unknown. Then on 06 MAR 1889 in Henderson County, KY Henry married again to Katie L.Heck (B. 1865 in Cannelton, Perry County, IN; D. 01 Dec 1918 in St. Louis, MO and is burried with her husband). Henry was murdered in St. Louis (hit in the head with a pipe). Henry and Katie had the following children:

a. Catherine Neva Hayes (B. 18 NOV 1899 in Vanderburgh County, IN; D. 13 JAN 1976 in St. Louis, MO, burried in Calvary Cemetery) she on 28 APR 1922 in St. Louis, MO, married a Raymond John Myers

b. Henry Jackson Hayes (B. 1895 in Basket Station, KY; D. unk.). Henry married Margaret Barry (her name from he 1st marriage). Margaret brought her son John Barry to this marriage. It is unknown if Henry and Margaret had children.

c. Carl Hayes (B. 1906 in Vanderburgh County, IN; D. unk.). Carl moved to St. Louis, MO prior to 1915, then poss. to Oklahoma. Carl married Mildred James and had at least one son, Jack "Pat" Hayes.

d. Loraine Amy Hayes (B. 27 DEC 1892 in Basket Station, KY; D. 26 JAN 1940 in St. Louis, MO, and is burried in Calvary Cemetery) and married a Charolette Humphriesand had 4 children (a. Benjamin Hayes born 17 DEC 1913 in St. Louis, MO; death unk.), (b. Catherine "Sis" Hayes who 1st married Freddie Goodyear had one child, divorced and remarried to Richard Jenkins and had 2 children), (c. Charolette Hayes who married Oscar Schoen and had 2 children) and (Mary Lillian Hayes (B. 19 SEP 1919; D. 29 OCT 1994) and on 01 SEP 1962 married Harold Modgln (B. 1 NOV 1915; D. 30 NOV 1997) and had 3 children.

ii. John Hayes (B. 1862 in IN; D. unk.)

iii. Melinda Caroline Hayes (B. 1858 in IN; D. unk.) married a Mr. Stallions/Stallings.

iv. Charles Hayes (B. 1864 in IN; D. unk.). His marriage is uk., but he had at least one daughter Lillian Orstereorf.

v. Martha E. Hayes (B. 1869 in IN; D. unk.).

5. Patsey Hayes (B. 1815-1820 in IN; D. unk.)

There were also 2 other unknown females born 1795-1810 to George and Nancy Hayes.

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